Hose Tail
  • Technical specs
Part number Variation name To suit internal diameter of hose Operation
5349SA3 Hose Tail 3/8" No valve
53500A3 Female Metric & BSPP 1/2" No valve
5350NA3 Male, BSPP 1/2" No valve
5350SA3 Hose Tail 1/2" No valve
5351SA3 Hose Tail 3/4" No valve
53520A3 Female Metric & BSPP 3/4" No valve
5352NA3 Male, BSPP 3/4" No valve
53530A3 Female Metric & BSPP 3/4" Valved
5353GA3 Female Metric & BSPP M22 x 1 Valved
5353NA3 Male, BSPP 1/2" Valved
5353SA3 Hose Tail 1/2" Valved
5354SA3 Hose Tail 3/4" Valved