Replacement Parts

25V Cartridge Kits
  • Technical specs
Part number Variation name Outside diameter in millimetres Bend radius in millimetres Burst pressure in bar Maximum gauge pressure in bar Burst pressure Vacuum level in inches of mercury Thread size Thread size in millimetres Thread size in UNF Size of inlet thread Size of outlet thread To suit internal diameter of hose To suit metric internal diameter of hose To suit metric outside Flange size Seal Type Working temp Output Signal mA Litres per Minute Mpa Working pressure Micron Rating for filtration To Suit Notes Length MM Hole Centres in mm Height in MM Port Size Oem Code Element Media Old Ref Material Model Box QTY Bypass in PSIG Float Material Flow rate in cubic Litres per second ElemnentSize Voltage Max Litres per Minute Wattage OD In INCHES Max working pressure Size Max Pressure for rotation Displacement cm5115 Volume Function To suit Cartridge Ratio No. of Stations Type Frame Size Group Number
02-102532 25V Cartridge Kits 25V 12G Cartridge Kit 39
02-102533 25V Cartridge Kits 25V 14G Cartridge Kit 45
02-102534 25V Cartridge Kits 25V 17G Cartridge Kit 55
02-102535 25V Cartridge Kits 25V 21G Cartridge Kit 67
02-102552 35V Cartridge Kits 35V 25G Cartridge Kit 81
02-102553 35V Cartridge Kits 35V 30G Cartridge Kit 97
02-102554 35V Cartridge Kits 35V 35G Cartridge Kit 112
02-102555 35V Cartridge Kits 35V 38G Cartridge Kit 121
02-102572 45V Cartridge Kits 45V 42G Cartridge Kit 138
02-102574 45V Cartridge Kits 45V 50G Cartridge Kit 162
02-102575 45V Cartridge Kits 45V 60G Cartridge Kit 193
02-137560 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 6G Cartridge Kit 19.5
02-137561 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 7G Cartridge Kit 22.8
02-137562 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 8G Cartridge Kit 26.5
02-137563 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 9G Cartridge Kit 29.7
02-137565 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 11G Cartridge Kit 36.4
02-137566 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 12G Cartridge Kit 39
02-137567 V20 Cartridge Kits V20 13G Cartridge Kit 42.4
238929 Shafts 25V No. 11 Splined Shaft
239751 Shafts Key To Suit 361760
242287 Shafts 35V No. 11 Splined Shaft
242885 Shafts 45 VNo. 11 Splined Shaft
361760 Shafts 45V No. 86 HD Keyed Shaft
392669 Shafts 35V No. 86 HD Keyed Shaft
393536 Shafts Key To Suit 392669
919262 Seal Kits 35V F3 Seal Kit
919632 Seal Kits 45VF3 Seal Kit
919656 Seal Kits 25V F3 Seal Kit
919772 Seal Kits V10 F3 Seal Kit
919805 Seal Kits V20 F3 Seal Kit
919850 Seal Kits 45V Std Seal Kit
922733 Seal Kits V20 Std Seal Kit
922850 Seal Kits 25V Std Seal Kit
922851 Seal Kits 35V Std Seal Kit
923468 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 5G Cartridge Kit 16.4
923469 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 4G Cartridge Kit 13.1
923470 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 2G Cartridge Kit 6.6
923471 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 1G Cartridge Kit 3.3
923496 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 3G Cartridge Kit 9.8
923497 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 6G Cartridge Kit 19.5
923498 V10 Cartridge Kits V10 7G Cartridge Kit 22.8
923548 Seal Kits V10 Std Seal Kit