Offshore oil & gas

Keeping offshore oil and gas moving

From heating homes to fuelling vehicles, oil & gas is intrinsic to life, so when supply fails the repercussions are felt far and wide. Thankfully, a hydraulics breakdown doesn’t have to keep you offline for long. Our mobile technicians can be on site in just one hour to get you operational again, no matter where in the UK you’re based.

Industry-leading products and service

You’ll find thousands of high-quality products in stock, and expert hydraulics technicians to assist you, at each of our Pirtek trade counters nationwide. Ultra high pressure assemblies and blow out preventer hoses are just the tip of our offer. We also manufacture hoses to specification too should you require a custom solution.

Experts in oil & gas hydraulics

Emergency on-site hydraulics service with a one-hour ETA.
Hose flushing services to wash out any manufacturing debris.
Customs hydraulic solutions manufactured on site at 86 locations.
Oil testing and fluid analysis services to check machine cleanliness.

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