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Pirtek Hose Centres sell 'matched' hose and fittings manufactured to the highest international standards.

As well as being accepted as a universal name synonymous with quality, Pirtek supply hydraulic products to large numbers of the world's leading manufacturers. This ensures that Pirtek products are at the forefront of world technological innovation. This is a vital factor in a company's ability to stay ahead of the competition in today's economic climate.

Each Pirtek Hose Centre carries a comprehensive stock of hoses and fittings in order to provide customers with instant 'over-the-counter' service.


Our 90+ depots across the UK and Ireland carry a comprehensive stock of hoses for almost any eventuality and application.


We offer a comprehensive range of fittings that are manufactured to the highest international standards and purpose-matched to the relevant hose and application.

Tube Couplings

Pirtek offers one of industry's most complete tube coupling ranges to support customers across a multitude of sectors.


Hydraulic adaptors ensure that valves, ports and hose assemblies are routed and connected in the most efficient way.

Quick Release Couplings

Pirtek’s comprehensive range of quick release couplings is designed to make life easier for operators who need to connect and disconnect equipment quickly and easily.

Hose Protection

Pirtek has a range of products which helps to minimise abrasion damage and general wear and tear.

Spill Products

Pirtek offers a range of absorbent, containment products and spill kits to help contain and clean up oil spills and minimise the environmental impact.

Fluids & Lubricants

To safeguard the performance of its customers’ equipment, Pirtek offers a full range of fluids and lubricants in both standard and biodegradable formats.

Valves, Pumps & Motors

Ball and gate valves play a vital role in fluid control applications across a wide range of industries.

Clips and Clamps

With abrasion and flexing among the key causes of premature hose wear, Pirtek offers a full range of hose clamps to ensure that hoses stay put.

Rail Products

Pirtek has established itself as the go-to destination for all things rail-related, establishing a Centre of Excellence at its Pirtek Swindon Hose Centre.


Here you will find the most accurate brake hose build guide available. It is updated daily to help you find the brake hose you need.

Industrial Equipment

Pirtek offer a range of hydraulic power tools for lifting, jacking and shearing applications where mechanical force is required.

Healthy Hydraulics

Our Healthy Hydraulics range of products is designed to help minimise breakdowns & help gain an understanding of hydraulic system performance.


The Pirtek product catalogue has over 18,000 products within its easy reference sections. We are currently working on our new look catalogue, available soon.

Pirtek Fluid Power Glove

The Pirtek Fluid Power Glove, with its unique hydraulic injection resistant technology, is the only glove available today that offers protection against hydraulic injection injury as standard.

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