Hose Flushing and Pressure Testing Service

The Pirtek Hose Flushing and Pressure Testing Service

Interested in looking after the lifespan of your products? Look no further than the Pirtek hose flushing and pressure testing service. Cleanliness is vital when it comes to working with a sensitive product like Hydraulics. Our hose flushing, testing and fluid analysis services give you peace of mind that your systems are free from contamination and operating as they should be.

Avoid costly contamination

During the manufacturing process it’s common for dirt and debris to settle inside a new hose. Pirtek’s dynamic flushing ensures that any unseen contamination gets washed away before your hose gets fitted, helping you to protect the integrity of your hydraulics system and ensure your business can keep moving.

Pre-empt system issues

Regular hydraulic oil testing is the key to uncovering degradation and contamination that can lead to system failures. Our technicians are armed with the expertise to safely analyse your fluid cleanliness, helping you to identify potential issues early on, before they can escalate into more costly problems.

Key benefits

All testing conducted by experienced hydraulics technicians.
Clears hoses of dirt and debris that cause contamination.
Checks hydraulic oil is clean and functioning correctly.
Tests products to manufacturers’ tolerances.
Traces potential failures within the system.
Ensures compatibility of hydraulic components.

Health and safety and cost effectiveness

Ensure your hoses are fit for purpose
Extend shelf life of hoses in stock
Produce certificates and compliance paperwork
Ensure your hydraulic systems are in safe working order
Minimise the risk of disruptive downtime to your business

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Insights you can trust

Whenever you book a pressure test with Pirtek, you can trust that an technician with extensive knowledge of hydraulic-powered systems will undertake the pressure testing service. That’s because we train each Pirtek technician personally, to the highest industry standards, and never use subcontractors to fulfil our agreements.

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