The Pirtek Hub

We are excited to introduce the Pirtek Hub - a place for all your hydraulic hose management needs, 24/7.

It offers end to end job management at your fingertips and more. We have developed this complimentary platform hand in hand with customers and their testimonials speak for themselves.

This video shows the key functions of the Pirtek Hub, which is ready for customers to use across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Please register your interest by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Easy to
use system

Simple and effective job management from your personal account on mobile, desktop and tablet devices

A responsive home page with clear navigation and interactive dials

Easy to navigate on all devices

End to end job management and administration of jobs in one place

Easy to use system

your jobs

Book and track your jobs; any time, anywhere

Clear labelling to communicate the status of each job

Track the progress of your job(s), with real time technician and work process alerts

View job paperwork and photos as soon as they are uploaded

Track your jobs

your jobs

View all your paperwork, associated photography and service history in one place

Easy access to supporting directories, including the QHSE documentation and Service Centre directories

Manage your jobs
We have nothing but positive things to say about the hub is very easy to use and has made life a lot easier.
The hub is brilliant. It is better than any of the other portals that we have used before.
Everything I need is in one place at my fingertips. This hub is the best I've come across - easy to use, rapid paperwork access and useful progress alerts.




You register your interest in the Pirtek Hub



You are contacted by a member of our Customer Relations team, who set up a demonstration and begin your registration process



You are able to use the Pirtek Hub, giving you end to end job management at your fingertips

Interested in
finding out more?

A member of our Customer Relations team will contact you to answer any queries you might have and help set up your access to the Pirtek Hub