PIR-FORMance at its best!


Pirtek is launching an exciting new product, the PFM Pir-Form MSHA Anti-Abrasion cover! The exciting new endeavour offers an abrasion resistant cover for hydraulic hoses that will see them last up to 10 times longer than when a standard EN ISO 6945 is used.

The product, which helps any owner of hydraulic hoses achieve a reputation of the highest standard at no extra cost, can withstand extremely hard weather, is water resistant, UV and ozone resistant, and flame retardant! All promising a much higher operational efficiency that lets its users get ahead of the game through reducing downtime and ensuring a longer working lifespan.

The cover is available in an assortment of different sizes and ranges, and is accommodating to a broad variety of pressures and temperatures. Pirtek really have thought of it all, wanting to supply its customers with the best and most efficient hose protection at affordable prices! Anti-downtime, Anti-extra costs, Anti-Abrasion cover!