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Supercharging the Information Superhighway

07/05/2015 | General

With the launch of its all-new website, hydraulic hose replacement specialist Pirtek UK is setting a new standard in customer and franchisee interaction. 

At its best, the Internet fully merits its reputation as the “information superhighway”.   But all too often in franchise circles, the need to satisfy both customers and prospective franchisees turns that highway into a slow-moving dual carriageway that is difficult to navigate and dull to visit. 

The all-new Pirtek UK website, however, offers an engaging, interactive experience that ensures that customers, existing and potential franchisees and motor sports fans will visit the site time and time again to view the constantly changing information contained within. 

Cutting Edge 

The new website builds upon the popularity of previous iterations of the Pirtek website whilst embracing video and social media interaction to put the new site at the very cutting edge of web development. The minimalist home page design benefits from a less-is-more aesthetic designed to welcome users rather than bombard them with a plethora of information.   Despite this, all the key facets of the company’s activities – from its franchise opportunity, through its emergency on-site hose replacement service, to its sponsorship of a previous champion in the British Touring Car Championships – are neatly represented, providing visitors with a simple, graphical gateway to the information they require. 

The home page also demonstrates two key additions to the Pirtek UK website: the ability for customers to book an emergency call-out for one of the company’s 90+ dedicated Centres across the UK and Ireland; the use of high definition video featuring current licensees to explain the company’s franchise opportunity.   Users can also view the latest news on Pirtek and its BTCC sponsorship, direct from the smart, new home page. 

Dedicated Sections 

Replicating the rapidity for which Pirtek’s on-site hose replacement is renowned, a single mouse click is all it takes to direct users to key information areas including products and services, news and media, downloads, competitions, and a dedicated charity fundraising area. 

The products and services area is the hub of Pirtek’s activities, and it details more than 18,000 line items that are available from each of the company’s strategically-located trade counters.   To simplify the user experience, the new website features a number of drop-down menus to provide the shortest possible journey for the visitor or customer. 

The news and media area provides regular updates on Pirtek’s national network including case studies and customer testimonials together with the latest news from the Pirtek Racing BTCC team and the company’s longstanding support of the Prostate Cancer UK charity.   News and media outlets can contact Pirtek UK’s media department with a single mouse click. 

Another important addition to this latest incarnation of the Pirtek UK website is the Downloads area where customers and corporate partners can obtain certificates, material safety data sheets, policies and a number of other compliance information.   Each of these downloads has been optimised for the fastest possible download and for ease of viewing on computers and mobile devices. 

Step by Step 

Having been founded in 1988, Pirtek UK is a mature franchise operation and this is reflected in the classic simplicity of the area of its website dedicated to prospective franchisees.   The website eschews complex sign-up procedures and legal documentation and replaces them with a simple step-by-step guide designed to make the transition from interested party to Pirtek licensee as quick, painless and seamless as possible.   Illustrated by video testimonials from existing licensees, this area also highlights the franchise locations available as resales (the company has long since established national coverage so only existing franchise businesses are available).   The website also contains extensive details of the company’s commitment to training and ongoing career progression, together with details of training courses that are available to Pirtek franchise staff and customers alike. 

The website is fully optimised for search with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other key search engines using industry-specific keyword classification as well as key terms such as franchise, franchising, franchise opportunity etc.   The site is linked extensively to a huge number of external resources via paid banner advertising and reciprocal links with industry publications, trade associations, charities and governing bodies. 

Furthermore, the new website truly embraces social media functionality, linking seamlessly to Pirtek’s active presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   Traffic is constantly monitored and content is adjusted to match the demands of visitors and website users. 

Power of Consistency 

With a branding that is familiar to customers, BTCC enthusiasts and road users across the country, Pirtek has gone to huge lengths to ensure that its new website maintains the established branding standards.   Every element of the familiar logo and colour scheme that adorns each of the company’s fleet of more than 400 mobile service vehicles is properly represented on the new website.   Furthermore, the company is currently in the process of rolling out mini satellite websites for each of its franchise locations.   Not only will this ensure consistent branding, it will also guarantee a consistent user experience regardless of whether they visit the national website or that of their nearest Pirtek Centre. 

That branding is further replicated on the newly-redesigned mobile app that brings the full website experience to a comprehensive range of handheld devices to provide excellent accessibility regardless of individual users’ personal preferences. 

Rounding off the overhaul of the Pirtek UK website is an area dedicated to the company’s charity fundraising activities.   Through its annual support of “Movember” to the escapades of “Team Gorgeous”, Pirtek has been a keen and generous supporter of the Prostate Cancer UK charity for a number of years.   And with the creation of a website area specifically for its various fundraising activities, Pirtek UK is stepping up its charitable works.   

With a single mouse click, website users can view past Pirtek charity events and interact with and contribute toward those that are yet to happen. 



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Lockdown Update - January 2021

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