Environmental services

Expert Environmental Services

Keeping environmental services moving

Whether you need to dispose of harmful waste or rid a site of contamination, Pirtek can help. Our technicians are proficient in the safe handling of toxic waste and clean-up solutions. Each of our 86 centres is equipped to dispose of materials responsibly, while our one-hour callout times means we can be with you fast when you need us.

Environmental services that never stop

Day or night, our specialist technicians are ready to support you with their environmental skills and expertise. We provide 24/7 on site call outs for skips, RORO containers, medical waste collection and incinerator scrap, along with recycling materials such as copper, aluminium and plastic into new commodities that can be reintroduced into the manufacturing chain.

Experts in environmental services hydraulics

24/7 call-out support for environmental services industries.
Customers include Veolia, Sims Group and Specialist Fleet Services.
Hoses are tagged for traceability, controlled maintenance and identification.
Extensive range of recyclable materials and toxic waste collected.

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