Pirtek Guildford Total Hose Replacement

The success of your business hinges upon many things: making maximum use of the best possible resources at the disposal; harnessing the skill and experience of committed and highly-trained personnel; minimising unnecessary expenditure and being ever-watchful of cash flow. And Pirtek can help with all of these and much, much more.

Our Total Hose Management service effectively allows you to concentrate on what you do best, while leaving us to take care of what we do best on your company’s behalf, delivering:

  • Reduced stockholding and improved cash flow.
  • Pro-active and preventive maintenance.
  • Better use of human resources.

What is Total Hose Management?

Pirtek has devised a full line-up of preventive, proactive and reactive services that allow us to take away the maintenance, repair and replacement of hoses, assemblies, oil and lubricants across a broad range of industry sectors and applications.  

As part of a Total Hose Management contract, trained and qualified Pirtek personnel will analyse and record all the hoses and assemblies that your company utilise, together with technical details for each. These details form the basis of an advanced database that is used to monitor and manage your hose usage, allowing us to devise a comprehensive repair and replacement programme that ensures that you get the maximum life form each hose and assembly, without the worry of a catastrophic failure or unplanned downtime.  

Proactive Maintenance

Worn out hoses often don’t show any external signs of damage until it’s too late. Pirtek has, therefore, pioneered a comprehensive range of proactive preventive maintenance techniques and services to overcome the problem of oil leaks and unplanned downtime:

Hose Management- Technical details of all hose assemblies including dimensions and end fitting are logged and recorded enable effective monitoring and timely replacement.

  • Hose Tagging- The unique Pirtek tagging system facilitates effective hose management. Brightly-coloured tags applied when Pirtek hoses and assembled and installed, record the hose age, components sued and the contact telephone number of the originating Pirtek Centre. This speeds up the replacement process and allows a replacement to be scheduled prior to failure.
  • Hose Inspection- Hose lines are checked by highly-trained Pirtek service technicians at pre-determined intervals and worn hoses replaced.
  • Hose Clean- To overcome the problem of in-line contamination- a major contributing cause of reduced hydraulic efficiency and equipment failure- Pirtek has developed a new generation of hose cleaning techniques to protect against contamination.
  • Filtration- Around 80% of all hydraulic failures are caused by fluid contamination. To combat this, Pirtek offers an extensive range of microfiltration solutions to minimise the impact of fluid contamination, extend oil and fluid life cycles, and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic equipment failure.

Human Resources

The Pirtek Total Hose Management service allows companies to release essential personnel for other duties, leaving hose management and replacement duties to skilled and experienced Pirtek personnel that are trained to City & Guilds standard at the company’s own National Training Centre. In addition to being highly skilled in hose replacement, system installation and pipe bending, many Pirtek technicians also possess industry- specific training qualifications allowing them to work in restricted or hazardous environments. Pirtek technicians operate from full equipped mobile service vehicle that is part of a fleet of more than 400 similar vehicles operating across the UK and Ireland. These vehicles operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, clocking up 11 million customer volumes are significant Pirtek may “dedicate” one or more mobile units to a specific customer or plant.

What do you have to do?

If you believe your company would benefit from the improved cash flow and more efficient use of human resources afforded by the Pirtek Total Hose Management preventive maintenance programme, simply call 0800 38 24 38 or 1800 74 78 35 for ROI, or arrange a visit by your local Pirtek Centre.