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Service with a Smile

The phrase service industry could be used in a new light after observing some of the odd requests customers make of Pirtek Belfast.

It is the sheer diversity of work that it undertakes and the care it puts into the smallest of jobs that enhances Pirtek Belfast's reputation and ensures it stands head and shoulders above the opposition. Thanks to the company’s “can-do” mentality, it has become second nature for customers to ask for odd fixtures and fittings. Unusual pieces of equipment, obsolete parts, strange threads on fittings, even toilet rolls, wire, nails, and brooms.

As an example, here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of Pirtek Belfast MSST Conner Doherty. First up, he found himself at the Irish Salt Mines at Carrickfergus to collect some steel pipes. However, there was no one about, just some interestingly bent and somewhat damaged pipes with a note attached that read: “Can you make some new ones please.” The note raised a smile from Alan as he wondered what their original shape might have been.

The next visit was to JTI the tobacco company that now owns the Gallaghers site at Galgorm, to deliver a refurbished ram to Toyota Handling who was working on a forklift. Nothing special with that except getting access to site is akin to breaking into a high security prison. The delivery took just minutes once inside, but getting out was almost as difficult and time consuming, with a thorough cross examination to ensure the service van wasn't packed to the gills with illicit cigarettes. “I'm on site so often I am used to it,” Alan smiled. “It's just their way.”

The final customer call was to En-Drive, part of Wrights, the bus builders at Antrim. The delivery: just a plastic oil filler jug. “The workshop manager liked my one, so I've delivered him one as a present,” Conner Doherty concluded. “I wasn't here to look for business, just to keep a customer happy.”

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