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Trunk Call

Keeping the public satisfied after being voted 'Best visitor attraction in the Midlands' is a full time job for the staff at the West Midlands Safari Park, and a little assistance (in some unlikely situations) from Pirtek Kidderminster helps ensure that things run that much more smoothly.

“There is one area in which Pirtek is really helpful and that's on the power washers in the elephant house,” says ranger Noel Carey. “When we introduced the washers to our two female elephants, the hoses had to be constantly replaced because they were chewed and stood on. However the elephants have been trained not to damage the equipment now and really look forward to being hosed down.” This is just one interesting aside from Pirtek's main role in the Park; that of hydraulic service and maintenance, as engineering manager Pete Hatch pointed out. “We have used Pirtek for years because they give the Park good service and supply a quality product. We get 24/7 service if we run into a problem which is precisely what we need when providing entertainment for the paying public. We have a great reputation to protect and having inoperable rides due to failed hydraulics is not an option.” Hatch reports that Pirtek’s responsibilities also extend beyond the use hose replacements. “We don't just call Pirtek out for repairs. We actively involve them in our design and installation process. At the moment we are converting and rebuilding what will become the 'Hurling Hippos' ride. We have taken a mobile Staffa ride, and turned it into a static one for the Park. We have new passenger cupolas being built for the ride at the moment while we completely rebuild the hydraulics system,” Pete Hatch concludes. “Our own engineering staff have installed the rigid piping and built the power pack equipment, but we will look to Pirtek to link the power house to the ride and then to pipe up all the hoses to the cars. That's six per arm, a total of 64 at the moment, plus the main rotation gear, rotary coupling, the pot valves, shuttle valves and the eccentric controls, and there are three hoses that are over three metres. We have spent six months designing and installing this ride and with Pirtek's help we will be up and running in the next two weeks.”

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