Pirtek Shropshire Non Urgent Hose Replacement

Think you know Pirtek...?

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems lie at the heart of most modern factory and workshop facilities, bringing power to seemingly endless array of equipment, tools and operations.

With so much hinging upon the performance of these systems, they must be designed, installed and maintained to the most exacting and rigorous standards.

Then think again

Whether you run a factory, a workshop, a garage facility or plant and equipment your company’s performance and productivity relies upon hydraulic or pneumatic power to perform a wide variety of vital functions.

Here at Pirtek, we know hydraulics. We know pneumatics. And across our 90+ dedicated Hose Centres, we have amassed hundreds of thousands of hours in design, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of hydraulics and pneumatics systems.

This is why we have introduced our Engineering Services.

Our Engineering Services encompasses everything from the design of a simple power system extension through fault diagnosis and repair, including oil analysis and filtration, to the custom design, installation and maintenance of large complex systems.

Systems are developed by experienced hydraulics and pneumatics engineers using the very latest design software, and are installed by Pirtek’s field-proven team of experts using state-of-the-art products and modern tooling.

Supplied with full installation warranty, these systems can also be covered by Pirtek’s comprehensive Total Hose Management aftercare scheme. 

Pirtek backs its comprehensive Engineering Service with a full range of products and services for factory, workshop and garage owners.

These include:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and assemblies
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic test equipment
  • Hydraulic oils and lubricants
  • Pneumatic ring mains
  • Filtration equipment
  • Workshop consumables
  • Oil spill kits

Cesar Data Tag

Protect your Plant and Equipment with Data tag for a Fixed Price

In 4 easy steps, using Datatag, your local Pirtek centre will do everything necessary to protect your plant from being stolen.

  • Call Pirtek –
    For a fixed price. The installation work will be carried out at your convenience.
  • Verification –
    Pirtek technicians will check the machinery to ensure that serial numbers and/or VIN plates are intact and original; proof of ownership will be required
  • Install Micro Transponders –
    Special scanners used by police can read the tiny transponders that will be hidden in each piece of equipment. Our technicians will also apply Datadots and a forensic chemical DNA coding. This ensures a safe return in the event of theft.
  • Plant Identity and Registration –
    Two tamper proof plates carrying a unique registration number are fitted to the machine.

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The CESAR scheme gives you:

Each year up to £100 million of construction equipment is stolen in the UK each year. Victims of plant theft incur considerable costs:

  • Peace of mind that your equipment is protected by state of the art technology
  • The potential to reduce your insurance premiums
  • A greater chance that your equipment will be returned and a much greater chance to prosecute

Under the CESAR scheme, Datatag provides the following:

  • A secure 24/7 call centre for police and customer enquiries
  • All appropriate machinery & Equipment will be parallel registered with the DVLA's (excluding Northern Ireland) Off Road Register (ORR) allowing police instant access to the registered keeper files
  • Accreditation to the ISO9000:2000 and LPS1224 standards and the "Secured by Design" scheme under ACPO and Home Office accreditation
  • An interactive website to allow instant on-line reporting of stolen equipment