Medium Pressure Filters

Features: • More compact solutions are possible • Filter element remains in fi lter bowl during fi lter service • Reduces waste over 50% thanks to reusable element core • No risk of installation mistake due to a ‘foolproof’ design • Easy to integrate into hydraulic manifold solutions Benefi ts: • Avoid use of non-genuine parts • Less space needed to change/service fi lter • No handling of loose reusable parts • Lower pressure lost across fi lter Typical Applications: • Compressor lube oil • Off-line fi lter loops • Machine tools (automotive standard) • Hydrostatic drive charge pumps • Mobile equipment • Pilot lines for servo controls • Oil patch drilling equipment Working Temperature: -20°C to +100°C Maximum Working Pressure: 70 bar
GMF Series
  • Technical specs
Part number Variation name Outside diameter in millimetres Bend radius in millimetres Burst pressure in bar Maximum gauge pressure in bar Burst pressure Vacuum level in inches of mercury Thread size Thread size in millimetres Thread size in UNF Size of inlet thread Size of outlet thread To suit internal diameter of hose To suit metric internal diameter of hose To suit metric outside Flange size Seal Type Working temp Output Signal mA Litres per Minute Mpa Working pressure Micron Rating for filtration To Suit Notes Length MM Hole Centres in mm Height in MM Port Size Oem Code Element Media Old Ref Material Model Box QTY Bypass in PSIG Float Material Flow rate in cubic Litres per second ElemnentSize Voltage Max Litres per Minute Wattage OD In INCHES Max working pressure Size Max Pressure for rotation Displacement cm6009 Volume Function To suit Cartridge Ratio No. of Stations Type Frame Size Group Number
GMF2110QIVPKG164 GMF Series 1” 55 10
GMF2210QIVPKG164 GMF Series 1” 90 10
GMF3110QIVPKG244 GMF Series 1.1/2” 120 10
GMF3210QIVPKG244 GMF Series 1.1/2” 230 10
GMF4110QIVPKG324 GMF Series 2” 350 10
GMF4210QIVPKG324 GMF Series 2” 530 10