Pirtek Preston Hose cleaning and tagging

Pirtek ‘Hoseclean’ Solution

Cleaning up in the world of hose and tube maintenance.

The principle is straightforward. A soft absorbent pellet is fired through the hose to remove contamination.

Contamination is a major cause of hydraulic system failure. A simple system to remove it can increase oil and filter life and reduce system downtime and overall running costs.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly- Cleaning an Essential Step

When a hydraulic hose is cut particles of rubber, fibre and possibly metal are generated and this will contaminate the inside of the hose. Shaking of the hose or simple blowing air through may dislodge some of the contamination but not all.

For onsite hose cleaning, Pirtek has had independent technical validation from a UKAS accredited Laboratory (Particle Technology Ltd) that using a foam pellet fired through the hose twice, once in each direction, achieves a level of cleanliness matching that of new hydraulic oil.

This agrees with advice from Caterpillar, which recommends cleanliness targets for optimising component life in Cat hydraulic system of 18/15 or cleaner. Tests on hoses assembled by Pirtek and cleaned as above gave cleanliness figure of 15/14 using an Automated Particle Counter and methodology detailed is ISO 4406 standard.

Tagging Service

For traceability, controlled maintenance, statistical maintenance and total hose identification.

We affix to every hose assembly a unique brightly coloured tag label. This label contains the details of the hose and the fittings and the date of installation. This makes identification easier for fast replacement. Using this system a hose can often be assessed and scheduled for replacement before failure occurs.

Worn hoses often do not show external damage which makes a pre-failure change out difficult. Hoses that reach the end of their productive lives simply blow-out causing unwanted downtime and environmentally damaging spills. This unique tagging system facilitates pro-active hose maintenance.