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Pirtek Ashford gets into gear

07/12/2017 | General

Great service doesn’t stop with your typical hydraulic machinery at Pirtek Ashford. It appears the centre provides around the clock service that covers a vast range of products, ranging from excavators to Porsches.

When Paragon Porsche called in need of a repair for obsolete oil feed pipes on a 1976 Porsche 911, Pirtek Ashford saw the great opportunity and immediately got into gear. It is the enthusiasm of Pirtek that makes it the leading supplier of hoses, fittings and on-site repair. No job is out of bounds, making the service Pirtek offers “invaluable”.

Having followed the Paragon race team and Paragon Porsche closely due to its “connection to motor sports via Andrew Jordan and Pirtek Racing”, the Ashford centre was “happy to help to return the oil pipes to their former glory”. With the Porsche belonging to a “very, very good customer” whom the company “has known for a very long time and therefore knows he needs everything perfect”, the job needed to be done with speed and precision.

Pirtek Ashford worked hard to make a tricky job flow easily and quickly. The pipes, essential to the oil feed but now obsolete, had to be manufactured to fit from the tank to around the engine, a “very tight space” that requires attention to detail according to Paragon employee, Peter. “The gearbox relies on the oil from the pipes so it is essential that we make sure everything is repaired without a hitch.”

To Paragon, the job was not one to be taken lightly. The Sportomatic gearbox, introduced in 1967, is part of the charm of the classic car. With Sportomatic 911s being a rarity in the UK due to them being imported in very small numbers, the oil feed pumps the Sportomatic relies on are priceless. Pirtek Ashford had efficiently collected, ordered in special parts, repaired and returned the pipes to Paragon within 48 hours.

Having needed everything to be “spot on”, Jason at Paragon was extremely satisfied, describing the centre, its employees and their work as “superb and lovely”.

“For us the work that Pirtek has done is invaluable. It’s such a classic car and desperately needed the pipes so it really is invaluable.”

While Pirtek doesn’t like to toot its own pipe, it’s safe to say that the expertise and dedication of its centres make for a world class business. Keep the wheels of success moving Pirtek Ashford!

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

The health, wellbeing and safety of our customers, team and partners is of paramount importance to us - today and every day. We are doing everything in our power to protect and... MORE