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Choose the Perfect Industrial Hose Reel

14/04/2017 | General

Choosing the perfect industrial hose that will suit your application can be quite a confusing process as there are many different types available and each one is developed for a specific role. At Pirtek IE, we understand that sometimes it can be a complicated process, so we are here to guide you through the journey and make sure that you get the right hose reel that works for you.

How long and which type of industrial hose will you be using?

For hoses that are short enough, a spring retractable hose reel is the ideal choice as the weight will not put too much pressure on the system. For more heavy duty hoses and applications, the best choice is sometimes a hose motor to automatically retract the hose. Our range of hose motors is perfect for retracting heavy industrial hoses where a power supply is available.

For when a power supply isn’t available we also have a range of manual retractors for our industrial hose reels. However, a large bore length can be tiring for an operator to manually retract.

Retracting a hydraulic or fluid hose

There are three main ways to retract a fluid hose into a hose reel, spring rewind, manual crank and motor driven. Each has its advantages and limitations.

A retractable industrial hose reel is great for its ease of operation are shorter lengths of hose and for jobs where the reel is going to be frequently wound on and unwrapped.

A manual hand crank hose reel is great for an entry option and value for money, but they are also a great option for where there is no power supply and manual hose reels can be light enough to be portable. This makes manual hose reels ideally suited for agriculture and grounds keeping.

A powered motor can be used to power an industrial hose reel, which is ideal for longer and larger hoses that would be too much to wind on by hand or not suitable for a retractable hose.

What will your industrial hose be used for?

Water and air are suited for almost any type of hose or reel; however, some industrial reels are designed for liquids like grease or corrosive fluids such as Jet A1 or diesel.

For liquids and fluids at high pressures and especially at high temperatures different seals are required. If you are unsure about what type of hose reel or hose you need, you can call one of our highly-qualified hydraulics experts on 1800 74 78 35 or contact us here and we will get back to you straight away.

Pirtek offers a comprehensive range of hose and cable reels, which have been developed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and diverse requirements of varying industries.

As part of our wide range of industrial reels we have compact hose reels from Mavel; light duty spring rewind reels for air and ideally suited to the smaller workshop. Retracta Hose Reels from Macnaught; low cost, high specification utility spring rewind reels for all popular applications, indoors and out. Heavy Duty Hose Reels from Coxreels; in powder coated steel or stainless steel, spring rewind, hand crank and power rewind options, these are the reels to specify for the most demanding applications.

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Lockdown Update - January 2021

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