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Before the Mast

06/12/2016 | General

With 40 years experience and customers from Inverness to the Channel Islands, Stacatruc says it offers the best and most cost-effective forklift customer service possible.

As an independent company, Stacatruc is not tied to one manufacturer; rather it can focus on looking for the best solutions for its customers. Their CFTS-accredited field service engineers manage get to a breakdown with an average 4-hour response time for emergency calls. They operate a next day parts service, with an engineer on site the same day to fit the parts, and they are happy to service any forklift, existing customer or not.

If you think that is impressive, then you should you visit the company’s workshops in Thatcham. Here forklifts of every size and make are serviced, refurbished and prepared for either re-entering the hire market or are resold. This includes machines from the company’s extensive fleet as well as customer machines.

Nothing too impressive in that, but the speed with which the machines are stripped down, repaired, repainted and any suspect part replaced, is truly a work of art. All very well, but holding hydraulic parts for such a diverse fleet would be a nightmare if it wasn't for Pirtek Swindon.

MSST Mike Pridding is a frequent visitor at the Stacatruc workshop and will testify as the fast turnover.   “I've serviced this company for the past five years and know how they work. They admitted they have tried the opposition, but I'm pleased to say they returned to the Pirtek fold because of the service we give them. Take today for instance, I have three machines to be repaired. Tight, but they have made life easier on one, a Doosan PRO5 30, by removing the mast to replace the bushes, but leaving the mast suspended so I could replace the two 7m 3/8" 175 bar/2537psi side shift hoses on the mast, much easier than if it was still part of the forklift. This shows a lot of considerate thinking by the customer,” he says.   “I've already repaired one electric 2 tonne Clark GTX 20 forklift with x2 two metre hoses this afternoon, the Doosan makes two, and I'm just about to tackle the final machine, a much larger 4 tonne Clarke CMP40D which again needs the main mast hoses replacing. I get on very well with engineers, as you will have gathered by the banter. They are a very efficient company and their workshops turn over 3-4 machines every day. That is a lot of work and I've seen them completely rebuild parts that customers have damaged or destroyed. Always good to feel you are part of the team here, and that I can help them with the restoration of their forklifts.”

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Lockdown Update - January 2021

Lockdown Update - January 2021

As we enter a new phase of COVID-19 restrictions nationally, we would like to assure you that Pirtek will remain entirely operational throughout this period. All our local... MORE