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Pirtek Waste Disposal Service

For safe disposal of oil and hoses

The 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations define waste oil and oil contaminated products as hazardous. Henceforth producers of hazardous waste have to register with the Environment Agency and waste collectors have to follow a Consignment Note procedure.

Pirtek Centres are registered as collection points for hazardous waste. We will assist you to comply with the regulations and ensure oil waste products are dealt with legally.

Pirtek has an environmental policy. Which strives to minimise the impact on the environment: as a result the majority of the oil collected, is recycled.

Oil spill waste and related contaminated waste is considered a hazardous waste under these regulations. A system of consignment notes and licensing, administered by the Environment Agency, ensures that waste oil and oil contaminated waste are tracked from the point of generation to the point of disposal.

Both temporary storage and transport of all oil spill waste must, therefore, be carefully documented and licensed. This includes hydraulic hoses, oil absorbent products and related products.

The Pirtek Waste Care Programme provided information about the safe delivery, use, management and disposal of oils.

Pirtek Waste Care Programme

Oil is a highly visible form of pollution. It harms plants and animals, damages rivers, groundwater and the soil. It can destroy natural habitats and drinking water supplies. It is the most commonly reported type of water pollution and causes over 16% of all pollution incidents annually.

Careless disposal of oil or oil contaminated waste into drainage systems, onto land or to watercourses or groundwater is an offence, and the person responsible may be prosecuted and fined if found guilty. Because of the way it spreads, even a small quantity of oil can completely cover the surface of a one hectare lake.

Yet, with proper procedures and good practice many of the oil pollution incidents can easily be avoided.

Used mineral oil from commercial and industrial sources are classified as hazardous waste and classed as special waste under the Special Waste Regulations, which impose additional specific legal requirements for its movement, recovery and disposal.

Movement of the hazardous and special waste must be accompanied by a Duty of Care Consignment Note- a copy of which must be kept by everyone involved in the transfer, for 3 years, available for inspection by The Environment Agency (EA) Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Pirtek is working closely with the respective environment agencies to ensure we comply with these strict regulations and provide a safe and convenient way for our customers to dispose of used oil or oil contaminated waste.

Whether you call Pirtek to site to complete a hose replacement or use our over the counter service, you can be sure that any oil contaminated waste will be dealt with is strict accordance to the regulations.