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Franchise Opportunities: FAQs


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  1. How long have Pirtek been in franchising?
    Pirtek entered the UK in 1988 and opened the first Hose Centre in 1990.  The first franchise started in 1992.
  2. Is Pirtek a member of the British Franchising Association?
    Yes Pirtek is a full member of the BFA.
  3. How many franchise businesses are now operational?
    There are circa 85 franchise centres throughout the UK and Ireland
  4. Where are the businesses based?
    The businesses are spread throughout the UK and Ireland, please see the Pirtek website for more information.
  5. May I contact and meet your existing franchisees and can I choose who to meet?
    Once we have had an initial meeting and some formalities are completed you will be able to contact franchisees of your choosing.
  6. What do you do at the franchisor head office?
    Our head office contains finance/accounts, marketing, operational and product sourcing personnel together with senior management and admin support.
  7. What support services do you have for the franchisee?
    We have a team of Area Operations Managers that support the franchisees on all operational issues.  Our training department also provides field support.
  8. Does Pirtek have any ‘green field’ opportunities or only resales?
    All Pirtek franchise sales are resales as all of the UK and Ireland is franchised.
  9. Is Pirtek accredited to ISO 9001?
    Pirtek and the franchised network have ISO 9001 (quality systems), ISO 14001 (environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (health & safety) accreditations.  
  10. How many franchisees have failed in the last three years?
    A small number of franchisees have been financial failures and three franchisees were terminated by Pirtek for breach of the franchise agreement. However, this would be discussed in more detail during initial meetings.
  11. How do you select franchisees?
    Selection is very much a two way process with the prospective franchisee selecting Pirtek and Pirtek Selecting the franchisee.   All prospective franchisees will go through a series of interviews, assessments and profiling to show that they have the required skills, experience and aptitude to run a Pirtek operation.
  12. How long does the selection process take?
    Realistically from registering interest in a Pirtek franchise that is for sale to completion of the purchase and the start of trading is likely to take between three and six months.
  13. How much does a Pirtek franchise cost and what does this include?
    This will vary depending upon the size of the franchise being acquired and whether equipment such as vans are owned or rented.  Cost is likely to be between £200,000 and £500,000.
  14. How much working capital is needed?
    This will depend on the size of the operation but you need to base calculations on the business have debtor days of between 50 and 60 days.  As part of the business plan you will need to generate detailed and realistic financial projections that will show how much working capital is required.
  15. What financing arrangements are available?
    Typically a bank will lend 70% of the total funding requirement with the franchisee needing to raise the remaining 30%.
  16. Does Pirtek recommend a particular bank for financing?
    Pirtek has built excellent relationships with the major banks and will be able to provide you with guidance at the initial meeting
  17. What is the typical gross margin and net profit of a franchise operation?
    Pirtek UK will be able to work with you on the financial projections to ensure they are realistic and achievable.   As an independent business it will be up to you to control costs and maximise sales through effective pricing.
  18. May I see actual financial accounts?
    Once the initial interviews and profiling has been done and a Confidentiality Agreement has been signed then yes you will have access to actual accounts.
  19. Is the franchise seasonal?
    Generally no, although December and secondly August tend to be the quietest months due to holidays. 
  20. What fees do you charge?
    Please refer to the draft franchise agreement.
  21. Do I have to purchase product from Pirtek?
    Yes you must purchase approved or core product from Pirtek. 
  22. Do I have to purchase a minimum amount from Pirtek?
    Your franchise agreement will specify the minimum purchases from Pirtek.
  23. What advertising does Pirtek do?
    You will be able to meet with our marketing department to discuss national and regional initiatives at the time.   On a local level the Marketing dept will be able to assist with adverts and promotional materials.
  24. Do franchisees have to contribute to the cost of advertising?
    Your franchise agreement will specify full details regarding marketing and advertising costs in detail.
  25. What initial assistance do you offer new franchisees?
    We have a team of Area Operations Managers and Sales Managers that will assist you throughout your time with Pirtek.   Our Training department also provide field support.
  26. What training do you provide?
    All new franchisees will have a customised training programme depending upon experience and skills.  We have a dedicated training centre where every Pirtek employee attends the Induction Programme which is City & Guilds accredited.    Technical personnel are thoroughly trained on selecting and assembling hoses.  There is a very strong emphasis on health & safety.   We also place great emphasis on training Centre Managers and that programme is also City & Guilds accredited
  27. What sales support is provided?
    Pirtek has a team of Sales Development Managers who’s main focus is on national account development.   Pirtek also has a Shared Sales Resource scheme where franchisees can share a professional resource that is managed by Pirtek UK.
  28. What sales and promotional material do you have and provide?
    The Marketing department produces a range of sales and promotional material and franchisees can generate their own local promotions through our preferred printers where the correct branding and presentation is assured.  Pirtek UK will be able to provide you will more information.
  29. May I have a copy of the Franchise Agreement?
    Once we have completed the initial interview and profiling process we will provide you with a draft of the current franchise agreement.
  30. How long is the Franchise Agreement i.e. what is the franchise term?
    The franchise agreement is for a period of 10 years.
  31. What happens at the end of the Franchise Agreement?
    The Franchise Agreement sets out the renewal conditions should a franchisee wish to renew.
  32. Can I sell the franchise?
    Yes you can sell the franchise provided the buyer meets Pirtek’s requirements.
  33. Can I terminate the agreement?
    The Franchise Agreement is a legally binding contract between the franchisee and Pirtek.   The obligations of the Franchisee and Franchisor are detailed in the Franchise Agreement.
  34. Who will be my main contact at Pirtek?
    Your Area Operations Manager, whose name and contact details will be provided.
  35. Can I meet some of your staff?
    Your first point of contact will be your Area Operations Manager and as things progress you will get to meet many Pirtek UK staff.
  36. What are the working hours of a Pirtek operation?
    Monday to Friday 08.00 to 17.30 and Saturday 08.00 to 12.00 are the required opening hours of your Centre.   However we offer a 24/7 mobile service hence outside of the hours your Centre is open you need to have an on-call technician available at all times to service customers.
  37. Where does the Pirtek Centre need to be located?
    Your Centre will usually be located in the busiest town/city in your designated territory.  You are likely to take over an existing Centre when you purchase the franchise.   Should you wish to change the location this will have to be agreed with Pirtek UK.
  38. How big does the Centre need to be?
    Pirtek UK will provide you will information on the minimum size and suggested layout for any new centre.
  39. Is it a problem if I don’t live in the franchise territory?
    It is preferred that you live close to the franchise territory
  40. How much business is from National Accounts?
    This will vary and there is no guarantee from Pirtek UK.  A key part of your role as franchisee is to development the business and maximise the potential in the franchised area.
  41. How many staff does a typical franchisee employ?
    A typical franchisee will consist of; franchisee principal, Centre Manager, four to six mobile technicians, one back office support person and a Trade Counter assistant. More and more franchisees are bringing on apprentices who can learn the business from the ground up before qualifying to become a mobile technician.
  42. Does Pirtek supply assistance with contracts of employment for staff?
    Yes you do need to use the standard Pirtek employment contract and Confidentiality Agreement and ensure every employee has a copy of the Staff Handbook that details key Pirtek HR policies.
  43. Who is responsible for maintaining equipment?
    As the franchisee you are responsible for ensuring all your equipment is properly maintained and can provide an emergency service for our customers.
  44. What equipment does Pirtek specify?
    This information will be provided by Pirtek along with the recommended stock holding.
  45. What office systems and hardware does Pirtek specify?
    This information will be provided by Pirtek but it is essential that the Pirtek network employees the same job management and accounting software to ensure the efficient processing of jobs.
  46. Do I have exclusive rights to the franchise territory?
    As is typical with many franchises you do not have exclusive rights to your territory although each territory has been carefully drawn to avoid any overlap.  In the event that a franchisee is unable to service customers Pirtek UK reserves the right for another franchisee or a Pirtek UK direct employee to service the customer.
  47. Does Pirtek specify precisely what I can sell?
    Pirtek provides fluid transfer solutions so franchisees provide services for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in a very wide variety of industries and customers. 
  48. Does Pirtek provide an Operations Manual?
    Yes Pirtek has an electronic Operations Manual that is accessed via our intranet.  Your Area Operations Manager will be able to show you.
  49. What support does Pirtek offer should I get into financial difficulty?
    Pirtek will work with you from the very beginning to help guide you to financial stability.  Should any franchisee get into financial difficulty for one reason or another we ask that they contact Pirtek UK as soon as possible so we can work with them to help find a resolution.   The sooner you tell Pirtek UK the quicker we will be able to assist.

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