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Pirtek Franchise Cork - From Strength to Strength

The success of Pirtek, the UK's leading provider of Hydraulic Solutions, is steadily continuing across Ireland with the opening of new Service and Supply Centres and the increasing development of established ones.

A typical example of the latter is the thriving Pirtek Franchise Centre at Cork, which is going from strength to strength, having increased its turnover some fourfold and doubled its fleet of service vehicles in ten years of operation. This success story is due in no small part to the drive and enthusiasm of licensee and general manager Mike Cairney, who opened the Centre at the West Link Business Park in Cork in 1999.

"We cover the whole of Cork city and Cork county," he says. "And it is just a question of identifying the industries within the area, the equipment they operate, then going out to get the Pirtek name established with those companies you see as potential clients."

Cairney points out that hoses sometimes appear to be an insignificant part of a piece of equipment but, actually, are vital. A simple hose failure can stop the most complex operation. "Correcting that failure quickly is the secret of Pirtek's success." he continues. "And a phone call to our central number 1800 747835 is all it takes."

Cairney identifies construction, quarrying, plant hire and materials handling as the main potential in the area. Today, two major contracts are currently in progress, the Fermoy bypass and the building of a new terminal at Cork airport.

The thriving pharmaceutical industry within the county of Cork is a close second in the list of potentials, with major manufacturers such as Pfizer and Novartis having operations in the area. "We enjoy excellent relations with all these companies," he adds. "And have been able to avert some major problems with the speed of our response to a call."

The Cork Centre is also stocking Pirtek's comprehensive new Hydraulic Catalogue that contains detailed descriptions and specifications of the 14,000+ items available through the company's network of over 90 Service and Supply Centres.

"We are proud of our progress over the last five years," Cairney concludes. "And with Pirtek's reputation and continued support we shall continue to grow and develop."

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