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Ben Jones - Franchisee Pirtek Edinburgh

"I became interested in Pirtek after a period of employment as a garage foreman at Edinburgh Airport. I had a friend who became an MSST when the franchise opened in Edinburgh and I was invited to join him, which I did in 1998.

In 2001, myself and two partners bought the franchise from its original owner (Pirtek Glasgow) and eventually in 2011; I achieved my goal of owning the company in its entirety through a buy out. This was done purely so I could be my own boss and all the decisions would be my own, rather than as part of a team. The buck stops here as they say!

I have always believed in the Pirtek brand and what it stands for. The brand awareness is excellent throughout all of the industries we work in, and without it we simply become an also ran - like so many of our 'competitors.' Pirtek actually provide what they advertise, unlike the opposition who frequently promise the earth but provide nothing. Our service is 24/7 even in the worse weather Scotland can produce. If a customer has a problem, we provide the solution; this is what customers want to hear.

I have recently been implementing new working practices, I have increased the staff levels and the number of vans on the road to make sure customer service is even more exceptional. This in turn has increased our customer base, our turnover and our bottom line. We have a good team here who are even happier since their pay has increased through enhanced productivity. If the company makes money, then we all share in it. I believe in rewarding hard work.

I am still very hands on and think nothing of taking one of the service vans to help out when things get busy. That's what makes the job so interesting; it doesn't have to be an office based existence. There is a huge variety in the work and you get to know a massive amount of people. This ultimately leads to a much greater understanding of their industry and its needs. When we charge a fair price for a first class service and product, we retain our customers. It's a very simple formula, but one that works.

Pirtek turned out to be the best investment I could have made. Owning the franchise and becoming my own boss is very satisfying."

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