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Flushed with Success

Not content with supplying water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland - supplying 560 million litres of clean water a day for almost 1.8 million people as well as treating 320 million litres of wastewater at the same time - Northern Ireland Water (NIW) decided to pitch for the Roads Service contract. It was a task they could only undertake with Pirtek Belfast's help.

Roads Service is the sole Road Authority in Northern Ireland, responsible for public roads, footways, bridges, street lights and public car parks.  It is part of Transport NI but is run as a separate company.

When the NI Government decided that the Roads Service maintenance contract should be put out to private tender, NIW realised it could undertake the level of work required. But the company also recognised that it needed a partner to provide a hydraulic repair service as part of the tender, and Pirtek was contacted as a consequence. Service Manager Rodney Black loved the response from Pirtek Belfast. “Before I had even started to explain about the contract, they had already responded with 'just tell us what you need'. It was such a positive response; I knew we had picked the right company. We take a real pride in what we do and, I'm pleased to say, so do Pirtek. Their level of service has been outstanding; they are very clued in to our needs. We get the same level of service at 4 am as we would at 4 pm. In Pirtek we have a partner that understands our business,” Black asserts. “Pirtek has proved very helpful in all sorts of things. For instance, they have fitted the workshops with twelve 2 bar, 15 metre airlines and reels, standardised all our fittings, and provided 30 leader hoses with safety disconnect couplings. These have proved far superior to the original 1/2" hoses but with the same flow rate.”

Such assistance is vital given the size and breadth of the company’s equipment fleet. “We now service 900 fleet items and 450 vehicles; that's everything from a Stihl saw and a 40' Artic to emergency bowsers and grass cutters. If I look at my schedule there are 7 pages each containing 30 vehicles for this month alone? That's without unexpected breakdowns,” Rodney Black concludes. “But we were confident in pitching for the work because we knew we could cope with the hydraulic breakdowns at remote locations, as well as normal hydraulic servicing. We do a regular preventative maintenance programme in which Pirtek Belfast is heavily involved. We do the usual daily visual checks, plus oil and water, then a three-week service. Every time a vehicle is called in for maintenance, Pirtek checks it over as well. This has greatly reduced failure in service. As a result, the maintenance contract is working well and, best of all, we have a happy client.”

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