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Blinding Service

Pirtek Slough has worked with access equipment specialist Nationwide for years but until recently they hadn't worked with the specialised equipment section in Iver. After a year they knew they had provided a good service when it was recently described as 'blinding'!

That enthusiast comment was made by Iver centre foreman Terry Wells, when asked why he had switched to Pirtek. “I don't mind praising them at all. They come straight out when I need a repair. They are on time; they are neat and clean up afterwards. I have never had an issue with their work. They’re just perfect,” he insists. “It all started a year ago when I asked our MSST Steve Wilson for a short length of unusual hose I couldn't find. Steve had it on the van and produced it off the shelf. I was so impressed I started to use Pirtek and haven't looked back since. The real benefit is being able to trust their opinion and knowing they won't do unnecessary work.”

That relationship is vital. Not only does Pirtek’s work mean that it is often interfacing with Nationwide’s own customers, the company also has to deal with a huge and diverse array of equipment. “We have platforms in every shape and size here. Most are on Iveco Eurocargo bases and they will be mounted with CTE 22, 26 and 32 metre platforms. We also have Versalift van mounts on Cab Stars. In fact we have 1,500 platforms here, with over 500 based at Heathrow, and I'm always surprised at the uses our customers find for our platforms. For instance we had a number of 20 to 70 metres platforms booked out all summer to cover the cricket. But they can be used for film shoots, bridge inspections, window cleaning, Sky News, rugby, football, just about anything,” Terry Wells concludes. “And it's pleasing to know if anything does go wrong on site I have Pirtek working away to put it right.”

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