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Solving Challenges

The marketing by-line of oil and gas service giant Halliburton, is solving challenges. This very policy was applied to Pirtek Aberdeen when Halliburton discovered an important test hose for a rig pier was missing from a consignment heading out to a North Sea platform that afternoon. Their solution to this challenge?   Use Pirtek to provide the missing hose.

The call to Pirtek Aberdeen said that the Halliburton engineers were on route and could the centre prepare a 5.2m PFM 4.2.16, 6000psi/420bar 1" hose for them to collect on arrival. ETA 15 minutes.

The team at Aberdeen sprang into action and after laying out and cutting the enormous hose, (five minutes) one MSST employed a newly installed sciving tool to reduce the internal measurement at each end of the hose to take the fittings, whilst another set up the hose crimper. 

After 10 minutes the end fittings were in place and ready for crimping which took the remaining five minutes.   The ferrules were carefully checked and measured on a micrometer. The hose was rolled up and was ready to hand over as the two Halliburton engineers walked through the door.  

In fact, it took almost as long to process the paperwork and payment as it did to make the hose.

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