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In Chambers

Chambers Waste Management and Guildford-based sister company Chambers Runfold provide waste management services from skip hire and dealing with office waste, to industrial and construction waste recycling, and high quality secondary washed aggregates.

The breadth of products handled and the high level of recycling has been down to an investment of over £3 million in new plant, including a combined screen, trommell, windsifter and picking station in 2000, and a £1.8 million soil washing plant at nearby Runfold. What cannot be processed on the 1.0 hectare site, such as plasterboard, and glass is sent to specialised companies for recycling rather than landfill. All waste plasterboard is recycled into new plasterboard and glass is crushed for aggregate.

The company separates and crushes construction and demolition waste to >75mm as a 6F5 and Type 1 MoT products for construction and blacktop, but also provide a variety of washed aggregate products. Wood waste is chipped through an on-site Jenz chipper for a WDF biofuel at two power stations or as a raw product for recycled wood products in Belgium. Paper and card is collected, baled and sent to Kent where it’s recycled into cardboard boxes and metal products are recycled locally.

Plastics are also separated and recycled. In addition to the waste transfer plant, the company runs a fleet of skip lorries, Ro-Ros, grab vehicles, 'Doris' & 'Dumpy' 660-1100 litre bins, and cesspit tankers. The aggregates division also has its own volumetric concrete mixers. The site is only permitted to work five and a half days per week, and inside normal working hours. To ensure this diverse plant works at its maximum efficiency, Chambers relies on Pirtek Guildford for its hydraulic repairs, as recycling manager Jason Armstrong commented. "We have our own fitters on site and where possible we will remove and refit any damaged hoses, especially as Pirtek Guildford is just round the corner.

Their counter service is second to none, very quick and efficient. As we run a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme, it’s very handy to repair hoses quickly without the worries of unscheduled downtime,” Armstrong says. “Our machines work in very hostile environments so it is inevitable they suffer from wear and tear, so we often have the MSST on site simply for speed of repair. We simply can't afford to have a key piece of equipment out of service. At least 90 percent of the time, Pirtek responds well inside the hour, with repairs carried out quickly from the comprehensive on board stock. Best of all we like Pirtek products. They’re really good quality and, contrary to industry perceptions, they are good value."

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