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777 - The numbers stack up

The Numbers Stack Up

777 are renowned for its ultra-high demolition excavators. But the company also runs a huge range of large plant hire machinery that is used across the UK. "The only problem with having plant scattered all over the country is getting to it in a hurry when something goes wrong,” says workshop and plant manager Rob Jarman. "If anything stops working, the hirer will take great delight in deducting money off our bill. Although we have extensive workshops and take great pride in ensuring that every piece of kit that goes out works properly, parts fail and machines get damaged. It is in the interests of everyone to get that machine back into action as quickly as possible, as all the time it's not working, it's not earning!”

For this reason, 777 calls upon the services of Pirtek; an initial contact made through Pirtek Mitcham evolving into a national service. “We use Pirtek Mitcham as our primary point of contact. I simply phone them, tell them what's gone wrong and where it is and they take ownership of the problem. I know they will pull out the stops to get it back to work.”

Jarman says that he constantly checks Pirtek’s pricing structure against that of its competitors, but has continued to work with Pirtek for more than seven years. “I have had long conversations with Pirtek Mitcham on pricing, and we have achieved that. But I am always looking for value for money and have continued to explore using other suppliers. But I still use Pirtek for a reason,” he concludes. “They provide an excellent service, their emergency response is excellent, and the products are first class".

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